Pentagonal Neutrosophic Transportation Problems with Interval Cost


  • Abdul Quddoos Integral University, Lucknow
  • Ummey Habiba Integral University


Fuzzy Set, Intuitionistic Set, Neutrosophic Set, Interval Numbers, Neutrosophic Transportation Problem, Pentagonal Neutrosophic Number


The present paper aims to deal with a new variant of uncertain classical transportation problem namely ‘Interval Pentagonal Neutrosophic Transportation Problem’ (IPNTP) in which the uncertainty of source & destination parameters are described by pentagonal neutrosophic numbers while an estimated range (interval number) is used to represent uncertain cost of transportation. The objective consisting interval cost has been splitted into two equivalent crisp objectives using the concept of expected value & uncertainty of interval number.
The constraints containing pentagonal neutrosophic quantities has also been converted into crisp constraints with the help of score function. The pareto optimal solution of the transformed bi-objective crisp transportation problem has been obtained using fuzzy programming approach. A numerical example is illustrated and solved using Lingo 18.0 to demonstrate the computational procedure of the proposed variant.


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