An Algebraic Approach toNeutrosophicEuclidean Geometry


  • Mohammad Abobala Faculty of science,Department of MathematicsTishreen University
  • Ahmad Hatip Department of Mathematics, Gaziantep University,Gaziantep


NeutrosophicPlane, Neutrosophic Absolute Value, Neutrosophic Distance, Neutrosophic Midpoint, Neutrosophic Vectors, Neutrosophic Circles, Neutrosophic Lines.


The objective of this paper is to present a general definition of Neutrosophic Euclidean geometry.The mechanism of comparison between neutrosophic numbers is introduced, as well as the absolute value is extended to the neutrosophical case. In addition, the concept of neutrosophicplane with đť‘›neutrosophicdimensions is obtained. Also, Euclidean geometric concepts are extended neutrosophically such as neutrosophic distance, neutrosophic midpoint, neutrosophic vectors, neutrosophic circles, and lines. A connection between neutrosophic geometrical concepts and classical Euclidean geometry is described and established.


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