n-ary Fuzzy Hypersoft Expert Sets


  • H ̈useyin Kamacı Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Arts
  • Muhammad Saqlain epartment of Mathematics, Lahore Garrison University


ypersoft set; fuzzy hypersoft set;n-ary fuzzy hypersoft set; fuzzy hypersoft expert set;n-ary fuzzy hypersoftexpert set


n 2018, Smarandache introduced the concept of hypersoft set by replacing the approximate function of theMolodtsov’s soft sets with the multi-argument approximate function. Moreover, the fuzzy hybrid model of hypersoft setwas developed and thus the theory of fuzzy hypersoft set was initiated. This chapter is devoted to introduce the conceptofn-ary fuzzy hypersoft set extending the fuzzy hypersoft set with multiple set of universes (orn-dimension universalsets), the concept of fuzzy hypersoft expert set that presents the opinions of all experts in one fuzzy hypersoft set modelwithout any operations, and the concept ofn-ary fuzzy hypersoft expert set that exhibits the opinions of all experts in onen-ary fuzzy hypersoft set model without any operations. Apparently, then-ary fuzzy hypersoft expert sets include bothn-ary fuzzy hypersoft sets and fuzzy hypersoft expert set. Some basic operations of each of these extended fuzzy hypersoftsets are derived and their structural properties are investigated. Finally, an application of ternary fuzzy hypersoft expertset (i.e.,n=3) in real-life problem are given.


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