Plithogenic Soft Set


  • Shawkat Alkhazaleh Jadara University, Irbid, Jordan


Soft set, Neutrosophic set, Neutrosophic soft set, Plithogenic set, Plithogenic soft set


In 1995, Smarandache initiated the theory of neutrosophic set as new mathematical tool for handlingproblems involving imprecise, indeterminacy, and inconsistent data. Molodtsov initiated the theory of softset as a new mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainties, which traditional mathematical tools cannothandle. He has showed several applications of this theory for solving many practical problems in economics,engineering, social science, medical science, etc. In 2017 Smarandache initiated the theory of Plithogenic Setand their properties. He also generalized the soft set to the hypersoft set by transforming the functionFintoa multi-attribute function and introduced the hybrids of Crisp, Fuzzy, Intuitionistic Fuzzy, Neutrosophic, andPlithogenic Hypersoft Set. In this research, for the first time we define the concept of Plithogenic soft set,and give it some generalizations and study some of its operations. Furthermore, We give examples for theseconcepts and operations. Finally, the similarities between two Plithogenic soft sets are also given.


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