Neutrosophic Fuzzy Strong Bi-ideals of Near-Subtraction Semigroups


  • Siva Ranjini J Research Department of Mathematics,A.P.C.Mahalaxmi College for Women
  • Mahalakshmi V Assistant Professor, P.G & Research Department of Mathematics


Neutrosophic Fuzzy sub algebra, Neutrosophic fuzzy X-sub algebra, Neutrosophic fuzzy bi-ideal, Neutrosophic fuzzy strong bi-ideal


The theory of Neutrosophy fuzzy set is the extension of the fuzzy set that deals with
imprecise and indeterminate data Neutrosophy is a new branch of Philosophy. We already
conceptualized the Neutrosophic fuzzy bi-ideals of Near –subtraction Semigroups(NFBI).In this
article, We extend our study to strong bi-ideals. We examine some of its fundamentals and algebraic
structures. Our aim of this manuscript are given as follows:
(i)To explore the new ideas in Neutrosophic fuzzy Near-subtraction semigroups of said
bi-ideals and strong bi-ideals.
(ii)To examine the some basic properties and fundamentals.
(iii)Also expand the direct product and regularity of Neutrosophic fuzzy strong
bi-ideals(NFSBI) of a Near- Subtraction Semigroups.


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