Pi-Distance of Rough Neutrosophic Sets for Medical Diagnosis


  • A. Edward Samuel
  • R. Narmadhagnanam


Neutrosophic set, rough neutrosophic set, Pi-distance, medical diagnosis


The objective of the study is to find out the relationship between the disease and the symptoms seen with the patient and diagnose the disease that impacted the patient using rough neutrosophic set. Neoteric method [PI-distance] is devised in rough neutrosophic set. Utilization of medical diagnosis is commenced with using prescribed procedures to identify a person suffering from the disease
for a considerable period. The result showed that the proposed method is free from shortcomings that
affect the existing methods and found to be more accurate in diagnosing the diseases.


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A. Edward Samuel, & R. Narmadhagnanam. (2019). Pi-Distance of Rough Neutrosophic Sets for Medical Diagnosis. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 28, 51-57. Retrieved from http://fs.unm.edu/NSS2/index.php/111/article/view/235