Neutrosophic Weibull distribution and Neutrosophic Family Weibull Distribution


  • Kawther Fawzi Hamza Alhasan
  • Florentin Smarandache


Weibull distribution, Neutrosophic logic, Neutrosophic number, Neutrosophic Weibull, Neutrosophic inverse Weibull, Neutrosophic Rayleigh, Neutrosophic Weibull with (three, four, five, six) parameters


Many problems in life are filled with ambiguity, uncertainty, impreciseness …etc.,
therefore we need to interpret these phenomena. In this paper, we will focus on studying
neutrosophic Weibull distribution and its family, through explaining its special cases , and the
functions' relationship with neutrosophic Weibull such as Neutrosophic Inverse Weibull,
Neutrosophic Rayleigh, Neutrosophic three parameter Weibull, Neutrosophic Beta Weibull,
Neutrosophic five Weibull, Neutrosophic six Weibull distributions (various parameters).This study
will enable us to deal with indeterminate or inaccurate problems in a flexible manner. These
problems will follow this family of distributions. In addition, these distributions are applied in
various domains, such as reliability, electrical engineering, Quality Control ….. etc. Some properties
and examples for these distributions are discussed.


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