Domination Number in Neutrosophic Soft Graphs


  • S. Satham Hussain
  • R. Hussain
  • Florentin Smarandache


Domination number, Neutrosophic graphs, Strong neighborhood domination, Strong perfect domination, Soft graph


The soft set theory is a mathematical tool to represent uncertainty, imprecise, and
vagueness is often employed in solving decision making problem. It has been widely used to identify
irrelevant parameters and make reduction set of parameters for decision making in order to bring
out the optimal choices. This manuscript is designed with the concept of neutrosophic soft graph
structures. We introduce the domination number of neutrosophic soft graphs and elaborate them
with suitable examples by using strength of path and strength of connectedness. Moreover, some
remarkable properties of independent domination number, strong neighborhood domination,
weights of a dominated graph and strong perfect domination of neutrosophic soft graph is
investigated and the proposed concepts are described with suitable examples.


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S. Satham Hussain, Hussain, R., & Smarandache, F. (2019). Domination Number in Neutrosophic Soft Graphs. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 28, 228-244. Retrieved from