Interval quadripartitioned neutrosophic sets


  • Surapati Pramanik Nandalal Ghosh B. T. College, Department of Mathematics, Panpur, Narayanpur, Dist- North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India


Neutrosophic set, Single valued neutrosophic set, Interval neutrosophic set, quadripartitioned neutrosophic set, Interval quadripartitioned neutrosophic set


Quadripartitioned neutrosophic set is a mathematical tool, which is the extension of neutrosophic set and n-valued neutrosophic refined logic for dealing with real-life problems. A generalization of the notion of quadripartitioned neutrosophic set is introduced. The new notion is called the Interval Quadripartitioned Neutrosophic set (IQNS). The interval quadripartitioned neutrosophic set is developed by combining the quadripartitioned neutrosophic set and interval neutrosophic set. Several set theoretic operations of IQNSs, namely, inclusion, complement, and intersection are defined. Various properties of set-theoretic operators of IQNS are established. 


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