Parameter Reduction of Neutrosophic Soft Sets and Their Applications


  • Abhijit Saha Techno College of Engineering Agartala, , Tripura, India, Pin-799004
  • Said Broumi University of Hassan II,B.P 7955, Sidi Othman, Casablanca, Morocco


Neutrosophic set, neutrosophic soft set, parameter reduction, decision making


Parameter reduction can be treated as an effective tool in many fields, including pattern recognition. Many reduction techniques have been reported so far for soft sets, fuzzy soft sets and bipo-lar fuzzy soft sets to solve decision-making problems. However, there is almost no attention to the pa-rameter reduction of neutrosophic soft sets.In this present paper we focus our discussion on the pa-rameter reduction of neutrosophic soft setsas an extension of parameter reduction of soft setsand fuzzy soft sets.To do that,using the concept of indiscernibility relation, we first define the terms ‘dis-pensableset’ and‘indispensibleset’. We utilize these definitions to define the terms‘decision partition’, ‘parameter reduction’ and‘degree of importance of a parameter’ with a suitable example. Nextwe pre-sent an algorithm based on the concept of degree of importance and parameter reduction of a neutro-sophic soft set. An illustrative example is employed to show the feasibility and validity of our proposed algorithm based on parameter reduction of neutrosophic soft sets in real life decision making problem.


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