Ngpr Homeomorphism in Neutrosophic Topological Spaces


  • K. Ramesh Department of Mathematics, Government Arts College, Udumalpet -642126, Tamilnadu, India


Neutrosophic generalized pre regular closed set, Ngpr open mappings, Ngpr closed mappings, Ngpr homeomorphismandNigpr homeomorphism


As a generalization of Fuzzy sets introduced by Zadeh[21] in 1965 and Intuitionistic Fuzzy setsintroduced by Atanassav [8] in 1983, the Neutrosophic set hadbeen introduced and developed by Smarandache. A Neutrosophic set is characterized by a truth value(membership), anindeterminacy value and a falsity value(non-membership). Salama and Alblowi [17] introduced the new concept of neutrosophic topological space (NTS) in 2012, which had been investigated recently. In 2018, Parimala M et al. introduced and studied the concept of Neutrosophic homeomorphism and Neutrosophic αψ homeomorphism in Neutrosophic topological spaces. The impact of this article is tointroduce and study the concepts of Ngpr homeomorphism and Nigpr homeomorphism in Neutrosophic topological space. Further, the work is extended toNgpr open mappings, Ngpr closed mappings, Nigpr closed mappings and some of their properties are explored in Neutrosophic topological space.


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