MBJ-neutrosophic structures and its applications in BCK/BCI-algebras


  • M. Mohseni Takallo
  • R.A. Borzooei
  • oung Bae Jun


MBJ-neutrosophic set, MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra, MBJ-neutrosophic S-extension


Smarandache (F. Smarandache. Neutrosophy, neutrosophic probability, set, and logic, ProQuest Infor-mation & Learning, Ann Arbor,Michigan, USA, 105 p., 1998) initiated neutrosophic sets which can be used as amathematical tool for dealing with indeterminates and inconsistent information. As a generalization of a neutrosophicset, the notion of MBJ-neutrosophic sets is introduced, and it is applied toBCK/BCI-algebras. The concept ofMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebras inBCK/BCI-algebras is introduced, and related properties are investigated. A char-acterization of MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra is provided. Using an MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra of aBCI-algebra,a new MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra is established. Homomorphic inverse image of MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra isconsidered. Translation of MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra is discussed. Conditions for an MBJ-neutrosophic set to bean MBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra are provided.


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M. Mohseni Takallo, R.A. Borzooei, & oung Bae Jun. (2020). MBJ-neutrosophic structures and its applications in BCK/BCI-algebras. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 23, 72-84. Retrieved from http://fs.unm.edu/NSS2/index.php/111/article/view/386