More on neutrosophic soft rough sets and its modification


  • Emad Marei Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Art, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia


Neutrosophic set, soft set,, rough set approximations, neutrosophic soft set, neutrosophic soft rough set approximations


This paper aims to introduce and discuss anew mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainties, which is a combination of neutrosophic sets, soft sets and rough sets, namely neutrosophic soft rough set model. Also, its modification is introduced. Some of their properties are studied and supported with proved propositions and many counter examples. Some of rough relations are redefined as a neutrosophic soft rough relations. Comparisons among traditional rough model, suggested neutrosophic soft rough model and its modification, by using their properties and accuracy measures are introduced. Finally, we illustrate that, classical rough set model can be viewed as a special case of suggested models in this paper.


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