Liminality and Neutrosophy


  • Bianca Teodorescu University of Craiova, 13-15 A.I.Cuza Street, Craiova, 200585, Romania


Neutrosophy,, liminality, rituals,, uncertainty, media


This study is an application of Neutrosophy in the sphere of liminality. First, the aim of this study is to underline the importance of the concept of Neutrosophy that was introduced by the professor Florentin Smarandache correlated with the concept of the liminality. According to Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner, in the liminality, the rituals are conducted to put the people in an ambiguous state where everything there is not true or neither false and meaning that the threshold state is neutral. Rituals, myths or rites are representing indeed a form of communication, but on an unclear level, determined by the uncertainty. Liminality has a part which is working under the uncertainty’s rules of Neutrosophy: when a person is participating in the rituals, he is searching a truth and risk a false. This means that the threshold state is improving the perception of the people from the moment when starts a ritual. But the threshold state can be generated also by the media. Rituals of the mass media are created in order to change the society’s perception, persuading the idea of what is true and false.


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