Neutrosophic routes in multiverse of communication


  • Daniela Gîfu Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Bd. Carol I no. 11, 700506, Romania
  • Mirela Teodorescu University of Craiova, 13 A. I. Cuza Street, Craiova, 200585, Romania


neutrosophy, multiverse of communication, neutrosophic communication routes


Florentin Smarandache and Ştefan Vlăduţescu the authors and coordinators of the book “Communication Neutrosophic Routes”, published by Education Publishing, Ohio, USA, on 2014, are two remarcable professors, with many researches in neutrosophical, communication, mathematic, literature domains, social sciences. Logic is a fundamental component of advanced computer classes. Reference is constantly being made to how the rules of logic are incorporated into the fundamental circuits of a computer. The logic used in these classes is known as classical or Boolean logic. Neutrosophic logic is an extension of classical logic, there are two intermediate steps between them. Neutrosophic logic is an idea generated by Florentin
Smarandache. Like classical logic, it can be used in many ways, everywhere from statistics to quantum mechanics. Neutrosophy is more than just a form of logic however. Neutrosophic emergences are the unexpected occurrences of some major neutrosophic effects from the interaction of some minor qualitative elements.


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