Interpreting and Expanding Confucius' Golden Mean through Neutrosophic Tetrad


  • Fu Yuhua


Neutrosophy, Golden Mean, Neutrosophic tetrad, thesis-antithesis-neutrothesis-neutrosynthesis


Abstract. Neutrosophy is a new branch of philosophy that studies the origin, nature, and scope of neutralities, as well as their interactions with different ideational spectra. There are many similarities between The Golden Mean and Neutrosophy. Chinese and international schol-ars need to toil towards expanding and developing The Golden Mean, towards its "modernization" and "globali-zation". Not only Chinese contemporary popular ideas and methods, but also international contemporary popular ideas and methods, should be applied in this endeavour. There are many different ways for interpreting and expanding The Golden Mean through “Neutrosophic tetrad” (thesis-antithesis-neutrothesis-neutrosynthesis). This paper em-phasizes that, in practice, The Golden Mean cannot be applied alone and unaided for long-term; it needs to be combined with other principles.


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