More on Neutrosophic Norms and Conorms


  • Shawkat Alkhazaleh


N-norm;, N-conorm, generating theorem;, bijective generating theorem


Abstract. In 1995, Smarandache talked for the first time about neutrosophy and he defined one of the most important new mathematical tool which is a neutrosophic set theory as a new mathematical tool for handling problems involving imprecise, indeterminacy, and inconsistent data. He also defined the neutrosophic norm and conorms namely N-norm and Nconorm respectively. In this paper we give generating theorems for N-norm and N-conorm. Given an N-norm we can generate a class of N-norms and N-cnorms, and given an Nconorm we can generate a class of N-conorms and N-norms. We also give bijective generating theorems for N-norms and N-conorms.


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