Neutrosophic Triplet Metric Topology


  • Memet Şahin Gaziantep University, Gaziantep 27310, Turkey
  • Abdullah Kargın Gaziantep University,Gaziantep 27310, Turke


topology, metric space, neutrosophic triplet metric space, neutrosophic triplet topology, neutrosophic triplet metric topology


Topology is a branch of mathematic that deals with the specific definitions given for spatial structure concepts, com-pares different definitions and explores the connections between the structures described on the sets. Also, neutrosophic triplet metric and neutrosophic triplet topologyare a new concept in neutrosophyand they are completely different from classical structures. In this paper, we firstly studyneutrosophictriplet metric topology. Furthermore, we give some new definitions andpropertiesfor neutrosophic triplet metric space,neutrosophic triplet topology and neutrosophic triplet metric topology.Thus, we obtain neutrosophic triplet metrictopology using the neutrosophic triplet metric and neutrosophic triplet topology. Also, we showrelationship betweenneutrosophictriplet metric spaceand neutrosophic triplettopology.


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Memet Şahin, & Abdullah Kargın. (2019). Neutrosophic Triplet Metric Topology. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 27, 154-162. Retrieved from