A Manifesto and Anti-Manifesto for OUTER-ART


The Outer-Art movement means to make art as ugly as possible, as wrong as possible, or as bad as possible... and, generally speaking, as impossible as possible!

These are the (outer-)limits of all artistic schools and styles!

Of course it is easy to create bad art, everybody can. But to create the worst possible art is paradoxically very difficult... Because you may want to consider a work as 'wrong art', while the modern art experts would interpret it as... extraordinary(!)

Therefore "outer-art" is the result of a non-artistic intention. Hence, we paint (even) when we don't paint, we sculpture (even) when we don't sculpture.

I classify as "art" something which is behind art, due to the fact that what today is not considered "art", might be considered art tomorrow - as the art history tells us. And today's art might be rejected by tomorrow's fashion.

Also, what's bad for you, may be good for me, and reciprocally. This reflects the subjectivity in art.

Don't go with the crowd, don't go by the rules, but ignore them or go against;

although you need the necessary... craziness! Also, don't rely on petrified knowledge. Going against is better (although harder) and more original, than following it...

I am not upset if somebody denies my work, that is what I expect and demand. Better if people swear you than if they ignore you.

I dislike the arts (because I am a scientist), that's why I do arts!

The more you disregard the outer-art, the better.

I try to detest what anybody else loves, and reciprocally, I like what nobody else likes:

art in opposite sense, self-insufficient art, incommunicable art, useless art.


The Outer-Artist is an artist without knowing it.


Outer-Art is an un-artistic work, which implies the unconscious creation!

How I did it? Browsing my everyday notes book, where I scribble and smear my everyday tasks, I observed that some pages look like... art (paintings, drawings).

Why do I do this kind of outer-art? Because I am not able to do another kind of art! I am not talented for something else...

Outer-art is a movement for the people who have no talent in arts! [Paradoxically!] Even more, for people with anti-talent!

A work that, after has been destroyed and thrown away, is being retrieved from the waste basket.

This is not found art, but converted non-art into art.

[May we say found outer-art?]

The attitude counts.

For example, a page of mathematical thorny formulas may become a page of (outer-)art, or a page of chemistry with organic equations, or a biology drawing of the human cell, or a computer chart, or an engine design, etc.

Why not? Let's introduce science into art.

- I do not substitute outer-art for art, but I want to reveal the first one too - because 'de gustibus non disputandum'. The beautiful is hard to define. A Romanian proverb says that it is not beautiful what is beautiful, but it's beautiful what pleases me...

I want what I don't want, make what I don't make, and art what I don't art!

- If everybody could do it, why haven't anybody done and theorized it yet?

I see a fusion of art with outer-art and with all the cognitive (and in-cognitive) fields. There is no frontier among them...

However the real outer-art can be done by non-talented people (disqualified artists, human failures) only! [Non-talented people signify less than non-artists...] No brush, no canvas, no easel. Paint with your finger, your legs, with leaves, grass, and excrements, or everything that is blamed.

Art as a therapy: when I feel sad, mad, bad, I draw and paint. And I have no skills for this!

Pain-ting in turmoil and in uproar. I discharge my soul, and feel free. As I did in a political refugee camp in Turkey, and nobody carried about my (outer-)art and miserable situation... I don't pretend to be a painter, that's why I dare to paint(!)

I am an outer-artist.

Outer-Art is not Fluxus (based on non-art, which asserts that everything is art), neither Dada (which is against art), nor Found Art (which is based on found beauty). Outer-Art is outer-art! Which is based on ugliness, creation as detestable, awful, wicked, vile, abandoned, abominable, vicious, disgusting, spurious, rotten, grim as possible...

If Duchamp's Brut Art was art made by insane but consciously, Outer-Art is made by anti-talented people but uncounsciously.

Outer-Art is different from Yves Klein's nothingness ("le vide"); in Outer-Art there exists something. Outer-Art is not happenings, nor action, nor structuralism, nor minimalism, nor installation art.


All negative adjectives are cumulated in the outer-art:

- utterly awful and uninteresting art;

- disgusting, execrable, random art;

- outrageously execrable, failure art;

- garbage paintings: from crumpled, dirty, smeared, torn, ragged paper;

- using anti-colors and a-colors;

- naturalist paintings: from wick, spit, urine, feces, any waste matter;

- art by non-educated people and for people who know nothing about art!

- without effort at all, dumb art;

- frustrating, disappointing art;

- disestablished and misjudged art;

- discredited, ignored, lousy, stinky, hooted, chaotic, vain, lazy, inadequate art

(I had once misspelled "rat" instead of "art");

- creation in inverse style;

- pre-art; not non-art or anti-art, but a-painting, a-sculpture, a-photo, generally "a-art";

- art which is not art, or outer art which is art!

- obvious, premature, insignificant art;

- in-deterministic, incoherent, ununderstandable, dull, uneven art...

as made by any monkey!


If this theory is not right, it's all right. The trend is towards an upside-down art.

These reflect the art's crisis... It's actually the artistic movements' war!

It is alike attending a class of creative art or writing, where the instructor tells you how to do, but you do the opposite. Or study the previous artists' styles and do not follow them - but contradict, or at least avoid, their way.

These are for the state of the outer-art!

I hate arts, that's why I love 'em...

All negative adjectives are cumulated into outer-art:

- unrecognizable, obscure, unremarkable, syncopal art;

- para-art;

- deriding art expressing inanity and emptiness;

- strange, stupid, nerd art; the worst the better!

Because the modern man's lack of time, bombed with a torrent of information, unable to keep in touch, it is his need to rapidly read, write, paint, draw, sketch, art...

- art is over, outer-art takes over!

Let's struggle for awards for the worse creation.

Some people say that artists are a bunch of flakes, society's parasites. I'm an artist.

I'm not an artist, but an

(outer-)art critic. I'm a scientist (mathematician).

My "Outer-Art" album was destroyed by Brian Yoder, the moderator of the so-called "[goodart]" e-group, and his e-group members incited him to burned it (2001) - as I was informed by a friend. I am twice proud for it!!

All negative adjectives are cumulated in the outer-art:

- art which surpasses itself up to outer-art;

- outcast, increated art; the more controversial, the better!

for the demise of art;

- superficial art; aberrations; art retrieved from rubbish work;

- work with no respect for itself, neither for others;

- a hoax; terribly turpitude; this is an artistic syndrome;

- un-informative, inaccurate, bizarre, unaccomplished style;

We don't shoot down the previous art schools and movements;

breaking the rules, we then make our own rules, and afterwards we breaking these last rules too!

We try to unite them: all styles are good and bad in the same time.

- I paint how I don't feel like, against the common sense:

images that do no signify anything, do not represent anything, outside of any school or movement, without theme of sub-/ob-ject; drawings which should not be drawn;

- vacuous, unintelligent work;

Let's consider the sub-culture culture, and the contra-culture culture too.

Let's love the ugliness and present any crap as art. Crap done by cranks.

- inferior art;

- outer-art is a matter of non-taste;

- to draw without drawing, to paint without actually painting...

- the future of art is outer-art;

- guilty and sin art.

See how easy is to be modernist, postmodernist, ultramodernist... and even impostor in arts?!

What are the characteristics of this Outer-Art?

- to say that bad is good, deformed is not deformed, hideous is pretty, nonsense has a sense;

- to plead for an art with no restriction, without boundaries; infinite art;

- mis-art;

- creation in derision, in counter-sense;

- irrational and spiteful creation;

- waste, junk, filth art;

- superficial and unimpressive art;

a work which is unimpressive to you, reader, is very relevant to me;

- idiotic and stupid art;

- no laws in art, or anti-laws;

- to represent the worst of thing and everything;

- a dogma against other dogmas;

- art as a miscarriage;

- mad art; self-incriminating art;

- to find the meaning of this meaningless art;

And discuss what's healthy in this sick art!

- uncontrolled art;

- weak and unexpressive art, which doesn't reach the soul, from creators (better to say non-creators!) with no imagination, slime art;

- idle art;

- art behind art's frontiers!

- rogues art;

- art with no value; non-persuasive art done by un-experienced people;

- outlaw art; not-artistic art; outer-artistic art;

- art which violates art;

- art without form, without content;

- painting / drawing / sculpturing non-objects, non-ideas, non-feelings;

- distorted and blinded and bruised and confused and tangled work; like unharmonious music;

- push the art behind its endurance; push the art outside of itself;

- art's self-accusation; artistic mis-use;

- work of blind and armless artists;

- no structure, no order, no principles!

No subject!

- disingenuous, unemotional, antihuman art;

- no graceful in art; weak art; disastrous art; disagreeable;

- chucking work;

- silly art; discredited, convoluted, anti-quality, unsatisfying, paranoid, controversional work; the worst of the worst! Because nobody cares about art!

- alterations, vapid, incompetent, hatred work;

- extrinsic, not intrinsic, value;

- odd, quirky, peculiar work;

Transform the ill-made into well-made.

Broke down the creation to look terrible!

Let's defend questionable theory by tiresome the(r)orists in/out-art!

Arts are enemies and friends to each other; their frontiers are interpenetrated - we are not able to distinguish among domains and styles and even types of art anymore!

I painted one page with my own... blood...

licking from my bleeding nose. It is not a metaphor, but the truth. I suffer from nose bleeding since I was a child, and no doctor could fix it. One told me that this is... good, because my blood is renewing by itself, keeping me... healthy! Then I transformed my anomaly into a... God gift for

arts. Thus, I am a natural painter.

Yes, all negative adjectives are cumulated in the outer-art:

- to deform the art;

- tantrums; ravings;

- invalid and inarticulate, feeble, unexpressive, insignificant art;

- unperceived art;

Art is anything and nothing, some art experts said.

- evil, vacuum, revolting, ambiguous;

- pseudo-art, spewing art;

- bad boys' art!

- dead end work!

It is not possible to bring anything new because everything is obsolete, the modern is old-fashion.

It doesn't exist good or bad art, but pleasured or un-pleasured art

in the eyes of influential critics or magazines.

Failure means success. Success doesn't mean success.

Outer-artists do not incite to abandon or destroy art, but to have the interior includes the exterior and vice-versa. After a while, outer-art would become inner-art.

I wouldn't bother by anybody's disrespectful thinking about my outer-creation, it was expected for this style, and I sometimes like the invectives addressed to me... It is a paradoxical way of appreciation, isn't it? I do not accuse anybody, it's normal to be reluctant to outer-art. Despite your criticisms, readers, I love you, shouldn't I?

I seek the experiments, and despite the former vanguardists were sworn at their times, later the world accepted their ideas.

My outer-art work is somehow chaotic, random, precious, bombastic, singular, strange, even with errors of grammar (don't forget that in one of my manifestos I wrote about the emigrant's broken English language in America!). Because what's considered incorrect today, might be retaken as correct tomorrow. [For example, the incorrect Latin language spoken by various populations in antiquity became the correct modern Romance languages.]

It has many detestable attributes, but doesn't mean it shouldn't be given attention. Let's give a nice look to rude things and reciprocally: opposite interpretation to very positive things.

How to write the theory of a bad theory?

- use unprofessionals or semiprofessionals;

- reverse thinking: such as, for example, progression is regression, great is weak, etc.;

- plagiarize the plagiarists;

- be an outsider, act different, art different;

- deform and disturb the arts; but do an exact deformation;

- to create means not to create;

- when one doesn't do art, then one does art;

- learn to like what you normally dislike, I mean the outer-art;

- feel good about sour things;

- get the right side from the malign form.

I teach you how not to paint, and generally how not to art!

If we plead for outer-art, then what kind of creation to do?:

- littering; trash; evil; unsolicited art work;

- self-destructing work; deteriorated work; art hating art;

- rude, futile, obvious, poor art;

- compose disliked, misunderstood, marginalized art;

- ramblings;

- outer-art-ism;

- art below and above art;

- distorted and overlapped images;

- scratches, wipings, simple pages, documents, writings for drawings and paintings:

as a structureless structure;

- artists without art (work);

- incomplete art;

- outer-art without intrinsec formal or conceptual qualities;

- anarchy; chaos theory and catastrophes' theory of arts;

- introduce into art the anti-art, non-art, and outer-art;

- outer-art encompasses a part of any movement and style: like a hybrid;

- incompatible, obscured, and suppressed worthless;

- nasty, scorn, self-rejected art;

- discarded, self-admittedly wrongdoing.

This should be our unusual (upside-down theory). A meta-art.

Why this outer-art? Because it DOES exist in the nature! No matter if we appreciate it or not, the outer-art is part and parcel from the world.

Please, tolerate the outer-art...

Outer-artists like anti-publicity, they even look for it; the worse the better! We are proud of being odious and of committing errors!

Again, all the negative adjectives are cumulated in the outer-art:

- art without art; outer-art art; art behind )and ahead( art;

- reconsideration of art;

- behind the academic artistic definitions, concepts, theories and anti-theories;

- provocative art;

- residual art, in-formal art, un-famous art;

- pre-art and post-art!

- creation feeling bad about itself;

- incomprehensible art;

- outer-artistic behaviour;

- oeuvre of outer-art;

- work that tells you all and nothing;

- decoherent work;

- exhibitions without exhibitions;

- aesthetic of inaesthetic;

- harassment of the artistic works;

- utter bullshit art;

- rudimentary; gullible; atrocious;

- self non-taught artists; I am a non-wanna be artist;

- art with many mistakes;

- unpretentious, vulnerable, egregiously rubbish work;

- like a fossil;

- your comments should really make me filling bad....

- lurked art (find it!); carelessly made work; ignorant;

- somehow invisible art work!

- self-destructive art work;

- artists who do art are not artists;

- you feel you don't understand what you in reality understand;

- it's like swearing someone with a nice voice (as having said "I love you")!

- the opposite ideas and styles may be true simultaneously;

People on the street laugh at you it you tell them you're a painter or poet for example.

I am an outsider artist.

- sterile and vacuous art;

- risky work;

- exhausted art;

- art in pact with the devil;

- broken and cut canvas, pictures;

- looking for public antirecognition and disapproval and contempt;

- paintings for daltonists (green instead of red, etc.);

- we benefit from anti-audience;

Like in a competition where you are the only candidate, but win the second place!

- gallery with nothing inside: empty frames, upside-down portraits, dust, broken glass;

or the frames painted only - not the canvas inside;

- not-started and unfinished art work;

- perverse, alternative art;

- heterogeneous work.

Let's turn what is business into art!

- art that makes a laughing-stock of itself and lay its (outer-)creators on the gridiron;

- art of no significance and no value;

- ridiculous and self-discredited and in derision art;

- art without name, without style.

Be aware about these unaware artistic forms.

I know how not to paint and not to sculpture and not to art. Do you too?

Look at the beauty of arts-in-bad (questionable)-taste!:

- offensive, crude, insulting, repulsive, inaesthetic art;

- conflicting views/images, ideas;

- blatant nonsense; pervasive;

- not anti-intellectualism but non-intellectualism;

- unskilled artists, without mentality;

- unperceived; disrespectful art;

- confusional art;

- a-literature, a-painting, a-drawing...

non-painting painting;

- amateurish work by professionists;

- poisoning ideas; controversial art;

- artistic absolute freedom, no censorship;

- use the technique of not-knowing-how-to-paint paintings;

The attitude counts; for example, the car's noise can be presented as music for example; this is outer-music (music behind music)!

- muddy art;

- irritation art;

- unconvincing art;

- imperfect as much as possible;

- delirious art;

- abused art!

- art without credibility;

- mindless, boring art;

- art ashamed of itself;

- sinful, dissolute, degraded, wicked, miserable beaux-arts!

- metamorphosis of outer-art into art the time to come; watch it!

- outer-exhibition, outer-gallery;

- outer-museums and outer-art schools.

And let's end up with outer-art vs. outer-art! [an auto-contradiction]... Outer-Art should deliberately be the worst movement of all!

Therefore, I eventually pray you not to like my work!

Outer-Artistically unfriendly and regretfully,

Dr. Florentin Smarandache

PS:    Outer-Biography:


FS is single. Didn't marry Mis(s) Art, because he didn't trust her.

FS is

FS is not

FS doesn't have a studio. His studio is the world.

Among all artists he's the only outer-artist. The more you dislike his work, the better his mission is accomplished.

FS doesn't have artistic talent, but anti-talent or a-talent...

FS doesn't sculpture because he is a sculpture himself.

FS reinvents the art by ignoring or hating it enormously, and thus re-considers the art into a continuously beginning status.

Do not attempt to understand his work, because this would not be agreeable to you.

Exhibitions where he didn't expose:

New York (1954), London (1820), Paris (2020), and many, many others.