Before starting this work of essay, let us say something useful enough that consists of:

    The black feather
    Won't destroy
    The white feather
    But since we have
    The weapon to do so ­
    Let us deal on paradox

    For what we have learnt on dream state experiences, everyone deals with one's consciousness, while considering Henri Bergson's works on such way that leads afterward men and women toward clear consciousness. Beside this first writer quoted, appears another man well known for one's conscious mind explorating the resources for reaching men's loses on his time's goals. We mean fully Prud'hom- me, the french poet and first winner of the Nobel Prize who uses dreams to attain mankind's consciousness with its surrealist sense.

    The fool's way reveals
    Artistic goals for ever
     Never attained here
    Unless with the realms.

While dealing with the comment that shows Florentin Sma­ randache's works as a puzzle, the whole masterpiece means somehow a kind of blank to fill in what is poetry and what it does not mean. To replying such a questions, we quite obliged to reach the real meaning of this art­ work called poetry. What is it since the early begin­ ning of its use in Italy with the Medieval art master­ pieces production and what does it mean at last by the philosophy of life that Hegel focused on its own realms of the structure as well as to the deep down of words. This is the way to underline semantics uses into sentences' structure. This part of knowledge in humanities considers two parts: the first one is extended to simple words and the second deals with sentences and phrases'­ building body. So poetry is yet considered like an art of a freelance lands­ cape engineer working on shapes and innermost beauty.

    The world in its own meaning
    Is yet nothing since nonsense
    Runs our mind upon living
    Unless we have a sense on things

While going on daily life canto like it is use in Italy, and otherwise in Greece its means discourses with eloquency rules underlining the nine parts of grammar ­ which tools belong first to the rhetorics and the words and sentences parsing structure lending from the Latin parody, its ele­ ments of beauty. This is also the way to remember Gene­ que and Ciceron and other good classics of this art in the use of Lindaric verse producing new shapes that re­ flect culture and wisdom in daily life experience. The process teaches us much about many experiences since the century comes out will with new fantasies invented by artists related also to art history. Since the early begin­ ning of Plato's philosophy, this art takes a sense of philo­ sophical knowledge that is not of the taste of many other thinkers of this time.

    Thinking means knowledge
    Requirements upon acquisition
    No more one's life on the edge
    Setting over the day's regression.

We are witnesses of what each country has made of this art poetry with its shared parts into lyrical dealing with the canto, the Italian's early consideration ­ dramatic un­ dergoing with drama into discourses displaying in language tools with the rhetorics ­ and its social bond taking into account to solve many problems. It deals also with the philosophy that reflects people's mind making on situations that occur after some dramatic experience ­ and finally the gender related to history to reflect well the fresque of societies' uses to underline the future in one's view shaping over the forthcoming event by the real analysis of the present situation. Sometimes it appears also like the wit's prophecies telling on events. Our friend Florentin Smarandache's work ranges him among the prophets of the next century's poets and what I shall mean for any one of them, while setting puzzle and its blanks use of white colour paper like a student who went to an exam, for not learning his lessons prefers to deal with an "impasse" and gives up some of the subjects. This is not the way to say that our friend Florentin Smaran­ dache is this lazy student shaped down, but in contra­ ry is a master in this way since he can focus his mind on the future while going on with wonderings on what poetry is ­ or is going to become in the event of scien­ ces and technology progress.
    When we take into consideration, the first publication of Florentin Smarandache ­ LAWS OF INTERNAL COMPOSITION starting with poems with problems solving, there is some aesthetics value to underline in the signs and the symbo­ lism of everything. This is the way to meet with Andre Gretton's movement of thought. The Pope of Surrealism as he was called on the movement leading toward great success of what many other writers and thinkers follow up to now with the birth of paradoxism that can gain also weld sin­ ce the word means much in literary achievements as well as has a sense of philosophical movement dealing with so­ cial bond saving outcomes in the early beginning of the third millenary. Its member can shape life upon a strong mind building to fighting new era full of hope and good expectations­ while running with such targets, we have to deal with the philosophy of arts as well as the philosophy of sciences­ while shaping our works upon our days leading epistemology that underline the reason why of the human being on earth- and the best use of technologies and sciences. Through the dynamic of things our brain's automation and mechanism is compared with the computer's era dealing with nerves' particles in the preventable behavior of the matter as well as in the unpreventable behavior of those particles in the movement of mechanical conventions. We can write this:

    A * B = a2 + b2 + 2ab

It corresponds to the laws of internal composition. Its mean­ ing dwells in each sign hiding a sense which consists of analyzing the different parts of its body in consideration to the symbols interpretation that will generate the law of inner composition showing the adequation useful enough on practical applications to the physical world. It has a shape that is the outer line of feeling we have and the sense dwells in its beauty concern.     In another hand, Japanese verse called upon Haiku is yet half words poetry showing no more than sevent­ een syllables:

    Say nothing but peace of mind
    To having your mouth closed on deeds···

Otherwise we can write another fantasy on palmistry

­ ­ ­ ­
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
­ ­ ­

    A perfect quatrain showing
    Some kind drawing
    That never lies on men's ties
    Like the big toes.

While going on such way, there is an opportunity to consider the symbolism of forms in everything on aesthetics back­ ground with Hegel's mind shaping on deeds.

    Any shape the nature sets on being
    Is no longer the first made of mind
    Like nothing deals really on nothingness
    We have to obeying the Nature's kindness.

In our deep down reaching, beside the leading cause of everything, there is somehow a kind of wisdom to attain on oneself way following the target of the curve stream in life. So we can write:

    Beside all in movement here
    We know more about life.
    But nothing is really convincingly
    Since the language is still the Varnat.
    I beg on innermost ghost to take over
    Mine beats of words so widely spreaded
    That polluated earth town on records
    Dream sensed mine mind in the dhunat.

Silent keeping means also beauty, concern, if we consider the best use of words into diplomacy that provides wisdom to lead others and get this world moving its kind process of peace and love and brotherhood. This is also the way to underline great thinkers like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henri Bergson, Sha­ kespeare and Sully Prud'homme. All those men use dreams on their way to improving what really dwells in the conscious mind. By rushing our of daily life rubbi­ shes called upon thoughts, these men sensed a little their living's meaning by providing them praise among all for holding breath to mankind through knowledge, acquistion and wisdom, sharing on their pathway. What most of them have done on living during one's lifetime lead them to be­ long to some movement of thought that raises their names. Paradoxist movement is somehow a kind of literary group waiting for its kind members to widespread its raim toward the most mullidinous thinkers. This movement will consist of working away one's inner self rubbishes in the cons­ ciousness. As child first, in the early beginning of life, no­ thing runs with perfection. By the meeting of people in the society, where are gathered many characters in fact, there is a blast upon the mind that will first vanish the whole being. Through oneself own effort to building back the li­ ving records according to what is learned so strongly in into body building materials and mind shaping on deeds to staying so firm on any bribes of human being, we can yet back the knowledge of self­consciousness that is first oneself awareness. On this standing of recognizing God through its require principles of the nature's laws provides us some kind bit of intelligence known as God's realization, while reaching this standing in life.

    Nothing is really of course
    But all lives belong to the time
    With the space's games no bribes
    Whatever could be the records

Paradoxist movement may be the group of thinkers ready to deal with every nonsense to reach the meaning of things. It would have long life if we consider its diplomatic side like our goal to managing conflicts­all over the world and be working on daily life peace. What it requires is first periodical meeting to setting view point on the problems that are occurring in the world. It will work also like the world peace foundation having on target literature and the force managing on peace.
    Florentin Smarandache comment seems to mock at poetry and its movements and tendancies up to now, whi­ le setting his job occupation's tools like some kind of subject to raise over a movement for the early beginning of the third millenary, we are facing with, with nonsense use of life itself. Many people are still waiting for the day's apocalyspe. I think it is an irony of fate to know such event. The living curve stream that undergoes with mine hopes and good expectations in life never focuses this event by way of beings since the body belongs to the bio = nu­ cleus seeds that are also subject to decay in the time and space games.
    The wonderings of the man joined mine, in the line of progress sciences and technologies are following the run­ in our lifetime. This is only the require­ we have to accommodate our mind to. We can write:

    Nothing is really poetry
    I sensed it in aesthetics
    Since the meaning deals
    Not with the semantics.

This is also the way to underline the laws of internal com­ position that consider the shape building tools and ele­ ments of beauty, as well as the meaning widespread in the objective views point sharing.