Neutrosophic Random Variables


  • Mohamed Bisher Zeina Department of Mathematical Statistics, University of Aleppo, Aleppo
  • Ahmed Hatip Department of Mathematics, University of Gaziantep


Expected Value, Variance, Standard Deviation, Probability Density Function


In this paper, general definition of neutrosophic random variables is introduced and its properties are presented. Concepts of probability distribution function, cumulative distribution function, expected value, variance, standard deviation, mean deviation, rth quartiles, moments generating function and characteristic function in crisp logic are generalized to neutrosophic logic.
Many solved problems and applications are presented which show the power of the study and show the ability to apply the results in various domains including quality control, stochastic modeling, reliability theory, queueing theory, decision making, electrical engineering, … etc


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Zeina, M. B. ., & Hatip, A. (2021). Neutrosophic Random Variables. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 39, 44-52. Retrieved from

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