Fixed Point Theorem on Neutrosophic Triplet b-Metric Space


  • Sibel Demiralp Department of Mathematics, University of Kastamonu


Neutrosophic triplet set, neutrosophic triplet topology, neutrosophic triplet metric, neutrosophic triplet b-metric


The notion of neutrosophic triplet, in the form of (p, np, ap) is a recent subject of neutrosophy, where np is the neutral of the element p and ap is the opposite of p. In this paper, neutrosophic triplet b-metric spaces are investigated. Then some new definitions and examples are given for neutrosophic triplet b-metric space. Based on these definitions, new theorems are given and proven. A neutrosophic triplet topology induced by neutrosophic triplet b-metric is obtained. Furthermore, a contraction map is defined for neutrosophic triplet b-metric space, and finally, a fixed point theorem is given for it.


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