Neutrosophic Mathematical formulas of Transportation Problems


  • Huda E. Khalid Telafer University
  • Maissam Jdid Faculty of Informatics Engineering, Al-Sham Private University, Damascus, Syria


Linear Programming, Neutrosophic Transportation Problem (NTP), Neutrosophic Production Quantities, Neutrosophic Consumption Quantities


This paper comes side by side with the complement paper (Original Methods for Obtaining the Initial Solution in Neutrosophic Transportation Problems), these two papers regarded as twins, they are both dedicated to sounding the transportation problems from the perspective of neutrosophic theory, having kinds of indeterminacy in three aspects are:

1- The entries of the payment matrix are neutrosophic values (i.e.  ); the indexes  have their usual meaning representing the transportation cost of one unit from the production center  to the consumption center . Assume the indeterminate .

2- The available and the required quantities are both having neutrosophic values represented by  ,  respectively, where  , .

3- This kind of neutrosophic transportation problem is represented gathered from the above two cases.


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