Neutrosophic Geometric Programming (NGP) with (max-product) Operator, An Innovative Model


  • Huda E. Khalid Head of the Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations Department,Telafer, Iraq


Neutrosophic Geometric Programming(NGP), (max-product) Operator, Neutrosophic Relation Constraints, Maximum Solution, IncompatibleProblem, Pre-Maximum Solution, Relational Neutrosophic Geometric Programming (RNGP).


In this paper, aneutrosophic optimization modelhas been first constructed for the neutrosophic geometric programming subject to (max-product) neutrosophic relation constraints. For finding the maximum solution, twonew operations(i.e. ⋈,Θ) between aijand bihavebeen defined, which havea key role in the structure of the maximum solution. Also, two new theorems and some propositions are introduced that discussed the cases of the incompatibility in the relational equations Aox=b, with some properties of the operation Θ. Numerical examples have been solved to illustrate new concepts.


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