A Hybrid Neutrosophic Approach of DEMATEL with AR-DEA in Technology Selection


  • Nada A. Nabeeh Mansoura University, Egypt


Neutrosophic sets, Technology Selection, DEMATEL;, Assurance Region, Data Envelopment Analysis


Technology selection isa leading step for decision makers throughout the technology selection process. The extraction of convenienttechnology is pretended to be a real challenge that faces decision makers. The technology selection considers the qualitative and quantitative criteria which needs to a special representation due to the conditions of non-compensation and uncertainty on real life. The objectives of this study is to make a hybrid approach using decision making trial and evaluation laboratory(DEMATEL) for detecting the positive and negative regions, and assurance region data envelopment analysis (AR-DEA) for evaluating the efficiency of Decision Making Units (DMUs). The hybrid model is protractedwith neutrosophic philosophy in representing the perspectives of specialists and experts to achieve the most optimized outputs. An illustrative case study, about technology revolution and digital transformation in EGYPT,is presented to demonstrate the proposed model.


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