Static analysis in neutrosophic cognitive maps


  • Pablo José Menéndez Vera
  • Cristhian Fabián Menéndez Delgado
  • Susana Paola Carrillo Vera
  • Milton Villegas Alava
  • Miriam Peña Gónzales


mental model, neutrosophic Logic, neutrosophic cognitive maps, static analysis


Abstract. Static analysis is developed in neutrosophic cognitive maps to define the importance of each node based on centrality measures. In this paper a framework static analysis of neutrosophic cognitive maps is presented. The analysis results are given in the form of neutrosophic numbers. Variables are classified and a de-neutrosophication process gives an interval number for centrality. Finally the nodes are ordered. An illustrative example based on critical success factor of customer relationship management (CRM) systems implementation is provided to show the applicability of the proposal. The paper ends with conclusion and future research directions.


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Pablo José Menéndez Vera, Cristhian Fabián Menéndez Delgado, Susana Paola Carrillo Vera, Milton Villegas Alava, & Miriam Peña Gónzales. (2016). Static analysis in neutrosophic cognitive maps. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 14, 61-64. Retrieved from

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