A Personal View On Paradoxism


 A voluminous registered letter addressed to me arrived from USA. The name of the sender told me nothing. A large envelope included a Curriculum Vitae of 22 pages in English in a large envelope and a book named "METAHISTORY" - theatre in Romanian.
 The author, Florentine Smarandache, he is the sender also, signed the first page with the following autograph "To Bessarabian poet and actor Victor Voinicescu Sotski with a gratitude for his artistic activity! Phinix 08.07.1994" That's all! Who? What? Why? That was a mystery.
 At first I decided that it was someone's joke, but when I looked through endless C.V. I understood that the author is not a joker at all.  His wide literary and mathematical activity was impressing. The publishings in English, French, Romanian and other languages. The researching works. The poetry. The theatre. His journalistic and pedagogical activity. His international seminars, conferences and expositions. So who is Florentine Smarandache? And why a paradoxical literary movement?
 The book I've got has three plays in it. For a metaphysical theatre. Unreal theatre. Imaginable theatre. Wild and unlimited. Nightmarish. The plays inspired by unofficial folklore and wrote in despair by the member of The Academy of Rebellion. There is enough to be impressed. And to thought about. To laugh and to cry. This is the paradoxical activity of Forentin Smarandache.
 In his metaphysical theatre, there is a reality and a dream, the truth and a lie, good and evil, a light and a darkness, a wisdom and a stupidity, a historical truth and imaginary, his bright, strange and unrestrained, everything founded on a paradox, on a dramatic allegory and grotesque. But at the same time it is an appeal for a personal and social freedom in the world of a lie and a false. The world of communism? Or capitalism? It's for us to decide.
 Anyway, the author tries with his original, with his characteristic way to make laugh and to prevent of tragical paradoxes of our history. It's not very important what way it is: paradoxical or metaphysical. The most important is that Florentine Smarandache with his creative activity opposites human foolishness, and there is the question of today: are we on the same side that he took?

                                                                     Paris, France  

                                                            October 22,1995