The Smarandache Cømplex (with the accent on the first syllable): is a collection of fears stemming from previous unsuccessful experience or from unconscious feelings that, wanting to do something <S>, the result would be <Anti-S>, which give rise to feelings, attitudes, and ideas pushing the subject towards a deviation of action <S> eventually towards an <Anti-S> action.  (From the positive and negative brain's electrical activities.)
     For example:  A shy boy, attempting to invite a girl to dance, inhabits himself of fear she would turn him down...

     How to manage this phobia?  To dote and anti-dote!
By transforming it into an opposite one, thinking differently, and being fear in our mind that we would pass our expectancies but we shouldn't.

    Psychodrama could be a treatment way.
"Too many bad, unsuccessful experiences may have greatly negative effects on the individual’s well-being. We may be best served by the explanation given by Smarandache (1998, 2002). He has proposed what it was called (Seleacu 2003) the Smarandache Complex which is a collection of fears stemming from unsuccessful experiences or unconscious feelings, that wanting to do something «S», the result would be « Anti-S ». These give rise to feelings, attitudes, and ideas pushing the subject towards an « Anti-S » action. Let us make an analogy with a FLL situation where students desire to be high-achievers and reach language proficiency, that is seeking success, and fail in their learning-experiences or experience bad feelings of apprehension. The drawn objective is the « S » and failure is the « Anti-S ». Hence, the students’ reactions would go hand in hand with the feeling of apprehension, insecurity and fear of failure (Idri, 2014).



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