Copan, Honduras, Dec. 2008_small.jpg Copan, Honduras, December 2008_small.jpg DSmT - Stockholm 2004_small.jpg Edinburgh castle, Scotland, July 2010_small.jpg Flores, Guatemala, December 2008_small.jpg
Gallup, USA, 2004_small.jpg Gold Medal for Science from Telesio-Galilei Academy, University of Pecs, Hungary, 12 June 2010_small.jpg Govora, Romania, 2004_small.jpg Guatemala City - center, December 2008_small.jpg Guatemala City, December 2008_small.jpg
Guatemala, December 2008_small.jpg Gygantic plants, france, 2010_small.jpg London again, July 2010_small.jpg London, July 2010_small.jpg Muse du Louvre, Paris, France, July 2010_small.jpg
Painting gallery in Edinburgh, July 2010_small.jpg Paris, July 2010_small.jpg San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Dec. 2008_small.jpg Tikal - pyramids, Guatemala, December 2007_small.jpg Tikal, Guatemala, December 2008_small.jpg
With Dr. Albena Tchamova, Stockholm, Sweden, 2004_small.jpg With Dr. Diego Rapoport from Argentina at the University of Pecs, Hungary 2010_small.jpg With Dr. Ervin Goldfain, Syracuse, June 2009_small.jpg With Dr. G. Benito Cordova in Espanola, New Mexico, August 2009_small.jpg
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