Introducing a Theory of Neutrosophic Evolution: Degrees of Evolution, Indeterminacy, and Involution

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Smarandache's Syndrome

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MATHEMATICS Algebra Geometries Multispace
  Neutrosophic Environment Number Theory Statistics
  Plithogenic Set / Logic /      Probability / Statistics    
PHILOSOPHY Neutrosophy, a new branch of philosophy Law of Included Multiple-Middle & Principle of Dynamic Neutrosophic Opposition  
PHYSICS Absolute Theory of Relativity Quantum Paradoxes Unmatter
  Neutrosophic Physics Superluminal and Instantaneous Physics  
BIOLOGY Neutrosophic Theory of Evolution Syndrome  
ECONOMICS Poly-Emporium Theory    
LINGUISTICS Linguistic Paradoxes Linguistic Tautologies  
PSYCHOLOGY Neutropsychic Personality Illusion Law on Sensations and Stimuli
  Synonymity Test Complex  
SOCIOLOGY Social Paradox Sociological Theory  
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